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Welcome to this online resource geared toward new and existing teachers of the Middle Kuskokwim but open to all striving to learn or teach about our natural resources.


1- To give you some basic information about the Environmental issues that are unique to the middle Kuskokwim region;

2 - To introduce you to some of the many people who work to help protect the natural resources  vital to the region and its people, and; 

3 - to give you some good resources to help you connect this information to your classroom.  

All in one place.

after the rain

Via an online video series as well as an online classroom, you will learn about these important issues, and gain some tools and resources necessary to help you find more information as you introduce these concepts to your classroom.

These courses are designed to let you work at your own pace and pick and choose which topics you are most interested in learning about.  Feel free to contact our Environmental Coordinator, Kate, via e-mail at kate.schaberg@georgetowntc.com if you have any questions or need more information.  

Be sure to keep an eye out for these icons - they indicate a must see resource!

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