Contacts & Educational Resources

We hope that in going through these modules, we have accomplished our first goal - and you now have some basic information about the Environmental Issues that are unique to the Middle Kuskokwim Region.  To receive a bi-monthly e-newsletter to keep you up to date on Environmental news for the region, sign up here.

We also intended to introduce you to some of the many people who work with these issues on a daily  basis, so that you might start some conversations with them, get some more information if needed, compile resources with them, and develop relationships.  To accomplish this, we have put together contact lists for each of the modules.  They can be found on the Educational resources pages for each topic listed below, on the side bar of each page.

Finally, we wanted to connect you with some good resources that you can use in your classroom, that will hopefully help you connect this information to your students.

Click on the images below to find the contacts/resources for the topic of your choice: