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The mission of Project WET is to reach children, parents, educators, and communities of the world with water education. We invite you to join us in educating children about the most precious resource on the planet — water.

The Library - a vast number of resources for teaching water topics awaits you.

Discover the Incredible Journey of Water through the Water Cycle

The students will:

  • Recognize solar energy as the main driver for the movement of water on Earth.
  • Describe the movement of water within the water cycle.
  • Identify the forms water takes in the three states of matter. Discuss how water transitions between these states.

                                    Appropriate Grade Level: 3 - 6

Interactive Learning:


Discover Water: The Role of Water In Our Lives

Soap & Water Science

EPA’s Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides and Online Resources for Educators

Find an array of environmental and science based lesson plans, coloring books, science fair ideas, activities and more from EPA, other federal agencies and external organizations here. Topics include: Air, Climate Change, Ecoysystems, Energy, Helath, Waste &  Water.  Interactive Learning Sample found on this site: EPA’s Water Knowledge Game.

EPA has also compiled a great list of Games, Quizzes & More (Personal favorite links there were NASA’s  “Go with the flow” EPA’s “Water Sense” pac-man style game)

NOAA’s Resource Collections


Resources & opportunities to help integrate NOAA science into formal and informal education can be found at this NOAA portal site.  Topics include ocean & coasts, weather & atmosphere, climate, marine life, freshwater & other special topics. 

Hands On Science Activities - this site contains nine hands-on activities that can be done in 15-30 minutes to get kids thinking.

Elementary Science Collection - science education resources aimed specifically at the K-5 age group.  


Teacher Resources for Water Science


Find an interactive water cycle diagram at three different difficultly levels, a script for a class play, water facts, T/F quizzes, “challenge quesions” & more at this unique and helpful website full of ways to teach your students all about water.