Alaska Specific Curricula


watershed to raise fish

It Takes a Watershed to Raise a Fish

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

This Power Point presentation can be used to teach about watersheds, what freshwater fish need to survive, and how people may affect watersheds and fish habitat. You may download the entire presentation below, or download a portion.


Alaska Seas and Watersheds

The online Alaska Seas and Watersheds marine/aquatic curriculum, developed by Alaska teachers, provides high-quality units for use by teachers and homeschoolers, as well as youth groups, nature tour guides, and anyone seeking fascinating content on marine science topics. Nine separate units promote hands-on science through developmentally appropriate curriculum for each grade level, K–8. The curriculum reflects the richness and diversity of Alaska and fosters respect and appreciation for the environment in future decision-makers, and establishes and celebrates community connections. The curriculum meets Alaska science content standards and grade level expectations.

Watershed Weekly

Watershed Weekly is a collection of five-minute radio shows about various aspects of watershed ecology, and how that relates to salmon productivity.   Originally aired on KHNS radio in Haines, Alaska, there are four series in the set, with 24 episodes in all. Each episode has a teachers guide for listening that includes suggestions for related activities. You can listen to the episodes online, or download the episodes and teachers guides.