Alaska Specific Curricula



Weed Wackers!  K-6 Educator’s Guide to Invasive Plants of Alaska

  • Invasive plants are a rapidly growing issue in Alaska. Education is the key to preventing new species from establishing in Alaska and reducing the spread of the species already here. WEED WACKERS is designed to be an Alaska-specific resource for teachers to integrate the study of invasive plants in their classrooms. Because the issue of invasive plants is such a new issue in our state, teachers implementing these lessons in their classroom are at the forefront of conservation education in Alaska. Students will conduct research that is on the cutting edge of this topic. The information they obtain will be relevant and useful to our state and communities, and should be shared with the community of researchers, land managers and experts trying to tackle the issue of invasive plants across the state. 

Invasive Plants Taking Root in Alaska 9-12 Curriculum

Designed for grades 9-12 this curriculum is a resource for educators to integrate into their classroom lessons on invasive species.