Middle Kuskokwim River Water Quality Baseline Monitoring Projects


Having baseline data for the Kuskokwim River is important the entire Kuskokwim watershed, so that as time goes on and development progresses, we will be able to tell if there are any significant changes in these measurements that could indicate a source of pollution that is impacting our River in harmful ways.  Tracking our water quality is important.  People’s connection to the River here runs deep, and something everyone has in common is  dependence on the resources from the river. 

Check out video 1 on the Water Video series page.

The map below shows the data collected by Tribes on the Kuskokwim River. You can also visit the map here.

For each of these communities, the water quality collection is done with the IGAP program.  This is an EPA funded program that helps Tribes build capacity in their villages to tackle environmental issues.  In order for the testing to be allowable, each Tribe must have an EPA approved Quality Assurance Project Plan. This is no small feat!  Take a moment to look at which communities have documented their data on the map below, and if you'd like to find out more - contact them at their Tribal office.

This map is by no means the extent of all of the information collected by communities in our region.  Consider it just the tip of the iceberg!