Species of Salmon in the Kuskokwim


Here is a complete list of freshwater fish species in the Kuskokwim Region.  For our purposes, we will discuss those of greater significance to the region, grouped by Family and subfamily, where appropriate. 

This page focuses on the family Salmonid, subfamily Salmoninae.

The salmonids are freshwater or anadromous fishes, medium sized or larger compared to other freshwater fishes. The family is divided into three subfamilies; Coregoninae, the whitefishes and ciscos; Salmoninae, the salmons, trouts and charrs; and Thymallinae, the graylings.  

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Most of the information in the flashcards has been taken from the ADF&G Species profiles, although some information also comes from James Morrow’s book entitled The Freshwater Fishes of Alaska (1980).      

Salmon aren’t the only fish that matter, find out more about the other species in the next course.