Fisheries Management on the Kuskokwim River

Commercial and subsistence fishing in the Kuskokwim Management Area focuses primarily on salmon and herring.  Herring are abundant along the coast - so for the middle Kuskokwim region, we will consider salmon as the most important managed fishery, and as such that will be our main focus for this section of the curriculum.

If you are new to the area, you may have some questions about the management of salmon.  This course is designed to answer just a few of those questions, but since things change so often, we will provide you with places to go and people to contact to get more information.  After you are done with the question/answer session below, use the links to the right to explore more.

What kind of fishing do I qualify for?

How do I know when I can fish?

Who manages the River?

Where do the managers get their information?

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      What is escapement? 

      What's a weir?

      What's the  Bethel Test Fishery used for?

      I want to know more about aerial surveys (although 

         not specific to the Kuskokwim Region, this link will provide you with general

         information about aerial surveys)

         Is there a test fishery in Aniak? Page 14 of the Native Village      

       of Napaimute’s 2017 Annual Report gives some more information about the Aniak  

       Test Fishery.  Here you will also find description of the other projects they are  

       working on.

ADF&G shares information regularly in season related to salmon management.  Visit their website to find information on harvest, management, forecasts, research, fish counts & to look at some maps of the region.

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