Nuna  Land


The Kuskokwim River originates in the foothills of the Alaska Range and winds through a variety of landscapes in Southwest Alaska for approximately 700 miles before reaching the Bering Sea.  

Kuskokwim map

The middle Kuskokwim area consists of several communities including Stony River, Sleetmute, Red Devil, Georgetown, Crooked Creek, Napaimute, Chuathabaluk, Aniak, and Upper and Lower Kalskag.  Just above Sleetmute is one of the River’s largest tributaries, the Holitna.  The River runs northwest past Red Devil, the site of the region’s most historically productive mercury mine (now abandoned), and then on to Georgetown, where it meets the George River.  At Georgetown, the River begins to run south to Crooked Creek and Napaimute, at which point it takes another turn to the west; headed toward Chuathabluk, Aniak & the Kalskags.  From Aniak downriver, the Kuskokwim flows through the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, one of North America’s most important wildlife refuges.    

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The residents of these communities depend on annual salmon runs  during the summer and moose hunting in the fall and winter.  Chinook, coho, red, chum & pink salmon surge upriver every year from the time of breakup in late May/early June until August.  Besides salmon, many other species of fish are also important including several species of whitefish, northern pike, burbot, blackfish, sheefish, rainbow trout, arctic char, and Dolly Varden.  

Click on the photos to the right and we will introduce you to the individual communities located here. If no information is provided, try reaching out to the people living there to answer any questions you may have.  Each community is unique in its history and has its own story to tell.