Terms related to Invasive Plants


Native Plants

Those plants that live or grow naturally in a particular region

Non-native Plants

Plants whose presence in a given area is due to accidental or intentional introduction by humans.  Not always a bad thing.

Invasive Plants

These are non-native plants that produce viable offspring in large numbers and have the potential to establish and spread in natural areas.  Typically, they have a negative effect on ecoystyems or cause economic losses or harm to human health.


This is any plant whose presence is undesirable to people (can be native or non-native)

Noxious weed

This is a plant species that has been defined as undesirable by legal statute.


We all know that blueberries are a native plant to the middle Kuskokwim Region, but when we start talking about things like invasive plants, and weeds, what are we really talking about?

Check out the definitions here, taken from the Invasive Plants of Alaska book.  This book can be downloaded, and is a great resource for learning more about Invasive Plants in the State of Alaska.

teaching tool

Still confused? The diagram below, taken from the K-6 Curriculum Weed Wackers, does a great job of helping to explain the differences among these common terms.  Click on the diagram to expand it even further.

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