General Invasive Species Prevention Tips


Know where infestations of invasive plants are in your area!

Visit AKEPIC for a database and map showing what invasives occur where.  For regionally located plants as of 2017, check out this page.

Report it! 1-877-INVASIV (468-2748) 

Inspect your boat and plane before traveling to other water bodies - look and see here just how many places there are for them to hide!

boat with captions

Clean, Drain, and Dry all gear and equipment before using it in another waterbody.

Clean your ATVs, bikes and other gear before exploring a new area 

Don’t plant invasive plants in your garden!

Check out this “Starter list” for native plants to choose for your garden.  UAF CES also has a great fact sheet on what NOT to plant in Alaska.


                                                                                            Photo credit: NY DEC

Never dispose of aquarium plants into waterbodies 

Check out Video 1 on preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species.

                                          Move on, and Take a Look at KRWC’s Invasives Poster