Lower 48 Fisherman (Think of your friends visiting from out of town)


Fishermen coming from outside - bring new gear if possible (e.g., waders and boots) 


Soak and scrub all gear for at least one minute in a 2% (by volume) solution of household bleach, or a 5% (by volume) solution of salt or dishwashing detergent. Note that all surfaces must be contacted by the cleaning solution. Water-absorbent equipment (e.g., waders) should be soaked thoroughly.

If bleach, salt or dishwashing detergent are not available, rinse and brush thoroughly with running water and hose with nozzle (this can be effective for certain organisms). Be sure to get all crevices.

If cleaning is not practical, after the item is dry to the touch, leave it to dry for at least 48 hours before

using in any freshwater system. 

Information Provided by the The Kuskokwim River Watershed Council