Knowledge is the Greatest Weapon Against Invasive Species!

pocket guide

This pocket guide is a great resource for identifying invasive plants in Alaska, and finding out more about how to get rid of them.  It is available for download here, 

teaching tool

Visit this website to get a whole bunch of copies for FREE.

Alaska Weeds ID - Interactive App!  

Now you can use an interactive key to identify invasive plants and submit those observations directly with your iPhone from the field. By reporting sightings of invasive plants, we can better assess the extent of the infestations and hopefully eradicate new infestations before they become huge problems. The goal of Alaska Weed ID is to make identification and reporting of invasive plants as easy and efficient as possible.

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Check out this awesome resource if you haven’t already: Partnering with a local Alaskan native community, the U.S. Forest Service published a dual language booklet in English and a native Alaskan language, Yup'ik, to help educate the greater community in Southwestern Alaska on invasive species. This publication, Protecting Southwestern Alaska from Invasive Species: A Guide in the English and Yup'ik Languages, aims to explain invasive species concerns unique to Southwestern Alaska, which is home to a large community of the indigenous Yup'ik people.


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