How Can Invasive Plants Impact My Environment?


Invasive plants can have a negative impact on agriculture, gardens, landscaped areas & natural resources such as fish, game, berries and other vegetation. They are a threat to native plants, wildlife and natural resources.  In Alaska, and especially here in the middle Kuskokwim, we are lucky to enjoy such pristine and untouched natural resources.   These natural areas possess such beauty and biological diversity, that the thought of something destroying them is almost unthinkable.

If you are thinking that something so small as a plant couldn’t impact our lives in such a remote place, think again.  Here are some of the facts:

Invasive species have contributed directly to the decline of 42% of the threatened and endangered species in the United States.

Invasive Plants Have Devastated Industries like Fisheries, Agriculture & Recreation.

Invasive plants are thought to lure pollinators away from native berries. (Listen here for more info)

Invasive Plants can cause trouble to boating, fishing, hunting, gardening and hiking.

In Alaska, Invasive Plants have been documented as Toxic to Wildlife

Invasive Plants can destabilize soil and alter the hydrology of streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands.

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