Fisheries: Video Series


Video 1: The Miracle of Salmon; Richard Nelson discusses the salmon life cycle and also the importance of salmin in our lives in this TED x Sitka talk, published on Aug 18, 2012.

And so, by protecting the salmon, are we not then also protecting ourselves?

Richard Nelson is a cultural anthropologist and nonfiction writer whose work focuses on human relationships to the natural world. Richard first came to Alaska in 1961 and has since lived in Alaskan native villages, helping to record the cultural traditions and intellectual achievements of Inupiaq Eskimo and Athabaskan Indian people. Currently, he writes and narrates Encounters, a naturalist radio program.

Video 2: A group of students demonstrate how to sing “The Salmon Song” 

Video 3: A video of a returning coho, flanked by Dolly varden char.  Video credit goes to USFWS/Katrina Mueller

Video 4: For salmon, the only way home is up. Leaping over waterfalls to reach the spawning grounds where they were born, salmon can put Olympic high jumpers to shame... but they still have to get past the bears.

Video 5:  How the KRITFC got started, and what they hope to accomplish